Benefits for Employers

Employer Benefits of Hiring Through AK Search Group

With rising turnover rates in the hospitality industry, employers must be able to quickly and efficiently fill key positions with qualified candidates. Owners and management in the industry can find lasting and meaningful benefits from our recruitment services. Our first-class recruiting team understands the industry and how to properly match a candidate to a “specialized” role. At AK Search Group, our thorough and thoughtful process is focused on connecting you with the best candidate, so you can focus on the challenges of day to day business.

Save Time and Money

Many businesses adding employees are already understaffed and cannot spare the time searching, interviewing, and selecting the right candidate. An experienced Recruiter can take the pressure off your staff, whose time is better allocated improving and maximizing the product and service. Not having the ability to fill important open positions can be a financial drag, so finding the right candidate in a timely manner is critical. Our services can help cut costs and keep your business in motion.

Attract Top Talent

When a potential hire comes to a recruiter seeking a new position, you know they are focused on finding a work experience that is better aligned with their long-term career goals. Also, candidates tend to be more willing to speak honestly with recruiters, who can then sort out who may or may not be a serious candidate for a given position. Our recruiters work to discover the candidates’ motivating factors: why are they looking for a new role? what they are seeking in their next opportunity? where do they see themselves 5 years down the road?  We build a comprehensive picture for our clients, so they do not have to waste time or resources sourcing and sorting through the candidate pool.

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Often, employers need to fill a role confidentially, which can be challenging for a company to use in-house resources to recruit for the position. The AK Search team is trained in confidential recruitment, understanding:

(1) what employees within a company are privy to during the search

(2) what information can and cannot be released to a potential candidate and

(3) the importance executing an entire search process to hire phase with full discretion.

Large Business Network

Businesses are often limited in how large of a “net” they can cast for potential candidates. Posting ads on a few job boards limits the potential hiring base and reduces the number of high-quality candidates. AK Search Group has a large network and knows how to properly filter candidates to find the right fit under a tight timeline. AK Search understands the team you hire is the heart of your business, so making the right choice is critical to continued success.

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Guaranteed Best Fit

At AK Search Group, we want to make sure you find the right candidate. Once a candidate has been hired, they must remain employed for a “minimum period”, which varies based on the client. If the employee leaves prior to that period, we credit your business with a search of equivalent value for no charge. This means it is in our best interest to find a candidate that best fits your needs.

Reasonable & Competitive Salary

Beyond placement and search, we can also recommend salary benchmarking information, salary survey information and comparative analysis to ensure clients are remaining competitive in the market. Additionally, if a candidate’s salary requirements are unreasonable, we use our knowledge of the market to manage their expectations. This all works to save your business money and give you the highest quality employee at a competitive value.

Why Use AK Search Group?

At AK Search Group, we know the intricate details that make a partnership work between a prospective candidate and employer. We are veterans in the hospitality industry and are fully aware of the skills and personality required for specialized hospitality roles. We use an extensive proprietary database, proactive outreach and diligent search tactics — in conjunction with our expert filtering techniques, to quickly find the best fit for the job. Our services save employers time, money and energy while providing them with high quality, long-term employees.

The majority of AK Search’s client base and candidate searches are focused on greater metropolitan areas including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C. and Miami. 

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We make it a priority to find the right fit for both the candidate and the client. We leverage years of Human Resource experience in the hospitality industry to source talent, interview and identify the “best fit” for each and every role. “I have sat in the seat as an HR Director and had endless candidates presented that would never be a fit for the vacancy. Interviewing those individuals was a waste of company time and the candidates’ time. I started AK Search in an attempt to eliminate that wasted time by presenting only a select few candidates that are most relevant for each and every position.” –Danielle Bucci, owner of AK Search